Today we spent the whole morning with Luc’s class and had a great time doing it. Luc’s class is level 9 (Advanced), and the students impressed me with their energy, enthusiasm, participation and level of English.
During the grammar period, Luc’s class worked on a writing idea. After looking at a wacky photo for inspiration, students brainstormed what they thought might be happening before, after and when the picture was taken. Students shared their ideas together, and then sat down to write a story. Students then shared their stories with their group and voted on the funniest/most creative story to share with the class. Students also worked together to edit the stories and correct any spelling and grammar errors.
In the conversation period, the students played a speaking game in small groups called Say 2 Things, Ask a Question. In this game, students move around a board and must talk about the topic that they land on, before making a question for their group members to discuss. This game can be very interesting if students ask the right questions, and the students had a great time in a relaxed speaking situations. Before long, students were whipping out their smart phones to show each other pictures and share information about their lives in their home countries.
Students work on their creative writing assignments
Having a great time and speaking English in Luc’s class