One of the advantages of coming to Canada to study English is being immersed in the culture of a new city. Toronto is a great city with a lot of places to experience. The St. Lawrence Market is one of these places. Established in 1803, the market is a Toronto landmark and community hub that boasts more than 120 vendors selling a wide variety of delicious food items, along with a community art gallery. In April 2012, the St. Lawrence Market was named the world’s best food marked by National Geographic magazine. It was the perfect place for Sharmila’s class to visit on a field trip.

Sharmila created a St. Lawrence Market scavenger hunt for her students that tied in with the grammar they were studying in class. Students worked in groups of 4 to find the things in the stores. They also had to work hard on asking the owners some questions, providing them with practice speaking English in a real-life situation. Not surprisingly, the students had a great morning and the scavenger hunt was a hit! All of the students in Sharmila’s class want to go back to the market.