Students celebrating their arrival at Toronto’s famous Eaton Centre shopping mall.

It is finally summertime and Quest is beyond excited!

We have waited all winter for nice weather and our new students, so you could say we are slightly pumped to get our Summer 2018 English exchange program started.

This summer, we have students visiting us from all over the world, including as far as Russia and some as close as Mexico. Some other countries being represented this summer include: France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Brazil.

It always amazing for us to see all the students meeting for the first time and how quickly friendships are sparked!

The group of countries may seem diverse, but all of the students share one quality in common: an unstoppable desire to improve their English. We are excited to see how each of these students will improve their English capabilities over their time in Canada.

Well, anyways, stay posted on the blog for all of our adventures this summer. We will be posting photos and information from all of our exciting excursions across the great city of Toronto, as well as to French Canada and even New York City for a few students!

And remember: speak English!

Quest students completing their grammar tests on their first day. This ensures we place them into the correct level for their classrooms. Students also complete an oral test.