Group Arrival Information

School Emergency Number: 416-962-2272 x 3 – available 24/7

  • Airport Representative Number: Provided one week prior to arrival.
  • Main Campus Addresses: 200-432 Church Street, M5B 2A4
  • Main Campus 2: 200-399 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2J6
  • Summer Campus Address – Late June to end of July -Toronto Metropolitan University, Victoria Building, 285 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1W1.

Map Coming Soon

Prior to Arrival
  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA) : Students must have this document with them on arrival in Canada. They also need the student ID indicated on the document for completing their placement test. This form is emailed to you once all students have been registered.

  • Activity Authorization Form: This form must be signed by students and their parents/guardians in order to participate in activities. Without this form they cannot participate. Form must be returned to us prior to arriving in Canada.

  • Placement test: Grammar placement test must be completed prior to arrival. This link below provides access to the test. A one on one oral placement test will be completed on the student’s first day of class.

    Placement test link:

  • Activity Calendar: The final activity calendar will be emailed to you at least 3 weeks prior to arrival. A download link will also be provided so that you can share the calendar with the students. Before the final calendar is ready you can access sample activity calendars here:

  • Insurance: It is mandatory that all students have insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Canada. Quest must be provided a copy of the insurance certificate preferably prior to arrival or at latest at orientation on the day after arrival
On Arrival
  • At Customs and Immigration: Aside from their passports, students must have the following documents on hand and ready to present if requested by an officer.

    • Letter of acceptance
    • Custodianship document – if applicable. If you have not requested custodianship documents then, if asked, your group leader should be prepared to answer affirmatively that they will be acting as custodians for the student.

    Arrival passport control – Video: Watch this video ( to get an idea of the automated passport control machines at Toronto Pearson Airport. The paper issued by the machine must kept for presentation to border agents as you exit. – this will happen 2 or 3 times and the last time you hand it to the officer as you leave the secure area

  • After Customs and Immigration: Proceed to the baggage carousels (look at the screens to determine which carousel to go to). After collecting your luggage exit the secure area and wait directly outside the secure area in the arrival area. This is where a Quest representative, holding a sign with Quest logo will greet your group.

  • Meeting School Representative and Transport to Accommodation: The telephone number for Quest’s airport representative will be provided one week prior to arrival. The school representative will greet you in arrivals area directly outside the secure area where have collected your bags. The representative will:

    • Provide you with you with basic information regarding your transport, arrival time at school the following day and transit passes if they have been requested
    • The representative will divide your group into smaller groups (3 to 4 people per group) and direct you to the assigned driver for transport to your accommodation. Larger groups staying at residence accommodation will be escorted to a coach bus for transportation.
After Arrival - At Accommodation
  • Arriving at Accommodation: If your homestay group has arrived by 19:00 they can expect a warm dinner on arrival at their homestay. After this time a light meals or snack is possible.

    • Problems with accommodation: If there are any problems with the accommodation that are not of urgent nature, they can be addressed the day after arrival at orientation. In the very rare case of urgent problems students are encouraged to call the school emergency number.
    • Residence students will be greeted at the residence by a Quest representative to assist with checking in.
    • Apps to download: We recommend students download a Toronto Transit APP (Search for TTC APP) to view schedules and routes. It is also a good idea to download the google map for Toronto to their phones. This will cut down on data usage and be available should they lose connection.
First Day - Orientation and Classes
  • Arrival time at school: Unless the flight has arrived very late students should report to the school by 9:00 am. The host family will either escort students on the first day or will have shown the student how to get to school the day before.
  • Orientation: Students and leaders will be greeted and provided an in depth orientation covering all aspects of the program from activities to classes to accommodation. Other topics covered will include health and safety, code of conduct, being on time, changing classes, reporting problems and more. Most of these topics are noted in the Student Handbook.
  • Placement – Oral Assessment: Most students will have completed their grammar test prior to arrival (those who have not will do it after orientation). All students will also have a one on one oral assessment as they may be in different levels / classes for their oral and grammar classes.

    Students will receive their placement and classroom assignment by email later in the day. Testing is not perfect and students may request a level change after their first two days of classes.

  • Photo time: All students will have their photos taken as it is necessary for their student ID cards and Certificate of Studies.

  • Walking tour activity: Student will go on guided walking tour of the neighbourhood surrounding school in the very heart of the city.

Essential Documents

Activity Authorization 

Residence Guidelines

Sample Daily Schedule

Code of Conduct

Student Handbook

Leader’s Handbook