Homestay Accommodation

There are many reasons to choose homestay accommodation. It is secure and highly economical but above all because it helps students to completely immerse themselves into the local culture and practice their English regularly with their homestay family.

Host families are carefully selected on the basis of their interest, background and the quality accommodation they can offer. All kinds of families are involved–and have agreed to provide the following:

  • Fully furnished and equipped private room with a desk

  • Linen, towels and basic toiletries.

  • Private or shared bath

  • Nutritious meals – 3 meals a day, continental breakfast, bag lunch and warm dinner

  • Accessible – (within 30-60 minutes of CQ)
  • Access to internet and telephone

  • Laundry – washer, dryer and other amenities.

  • English language support

  • Introduction into Canadian culture and family life

  • Security of a home base

Homestay, Done Right!

No surprises. Complete Details Prior to Arrival Complete Peace of Mind.

As much information as possible is provided in advance of arrival This helps to provide parents and participants with peace of mind and confidence in their accommodation. .

Families regularly tracked and inspected for quality control.

Our family management systems records and tracks all evaluations provided by students of their families. In addition, we inspect families annually to ensure facilities are up to par.

Hospitality Guaranteed

Our ultimate guarantee is simple. If your family has not fulfilled their function in welcoming you in their home

Complete Profiles

Every students receives a complete and highly detailed family profile at least 3 week prior to arrival. Profile includes:

  • Multiple pictures of accommodation

  • Video of host/accommodation – most profiles

  • Area Description

  • House Description

  • Detailed location map with distance to school

  • Detailed information about hose

  • Information about others in the house (kids, pets, etc)

  • Listing of all amenities in home

  • House rules.