Last Week of Classes

There is a lot that goes on beyond the grammar and vocabulary lessons in the classroom. As can be seen in Daphne’s and Anne’s advanced and high intermediate classes, student got the chance to explore Canadian culinary culture- by sampling types of peanut butter and exploring some of Toronto’s most quirky, colourful and sub-culture neighbourhoods.

The students in the classes have built strong bonds through these activities, laughing, joking and loosening up- allowing for a strong camaraderie and a hard goodbye after graduation!
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Caribana is the annual Caribbean carnival that takes place every year in Toronto and it is HUGE. Music, dancing, food, costumes. The outfits are excessive and beyond fabulous. Lots of effort and passion goes into the parade every year so it was a unique experience to see for the students who got the chance to go. As for the rest of the group, they went to Wonderland, the amusement/ water park!

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In the Classroom

Taking a glimpse into the high-advanced classroom, students are doing the leadership portion of the summer program. The goal is to learn about leadership, self esteem, positive self talk and goal setting.

In this activity, each group was given a newspaper and 10 minutes to create the tallest structure. It was an activity that focused on goal setting and teamwork.

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The Zoo

Meanwhile, recently arrived students took a day trip to the Toronto zoo, the largest zoo in Canada, home to over 5, 000 animals! It was lots of walking, lots of watching and lots of learning. IT was an exciting time to go as the baby panda (born at the zoo) was able to be seen.

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Airport Goodbyes

Today the large group from Brazil boarded their planes and headed home. Those who had not done so yet, did one last tour of UofT- hopefully convincing them to come back in the near future! It was yet another bittersweet goodbye.

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Medieval Times Farewell

Big feasts for big farewells! A large groups of Brazilian students, as well as many from Spain are heading off at the end of the week, so we had one last celebration at Medieval Times, throwing it back to the days of horse games, sword fights and eating with our hands. It was definitely a unique experience!

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Today we were back at wonderland, a huge favourite. It was very hot and humid so most students spent their time in the waterpark, with its countless slides, waves pool and lazy river. Definitely a great and fun way to stay cool!

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Blue Jay’s Game

Today was a huge game game for the Jays and one of the longest and most exciting games of the season so far. Facing San Diego, Toronto finished off with an overtime win. The students watch the game in the gorgeous home stadium, with it’s roof open showing the CN tower right next door. We even had a fun walk back to residence afterwards, with the streets filled with happy and excited fan energy!

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