Toronto is a great city for sports fans! We have 6 professional sports teams here, representing baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL), basketball (NBA), soccer (MLS), football (CFL) and lacrosse (NLL). Toronto also hosts the Hondy Indy car race and the Rogers Cup tennis tournament annually.

Last night our students went to a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game to experience Major League baseball for the first time. Toronto took on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at the Rogers Centre, a stadium located right at the base of the CN Tower. Baseball can be a little bit confusing to watch for the first time, but every student could enjoy watching batters hit towering home runs out of the park in this exciting match. There were a total of 5 home runs, including one by Toronto’s famed Jose Bautista, who is leading all of baseball in home runs for the 3rd consecutive year. Students got in on the fun, and could be seen sporting Blue Jays apparel and temporary tattoos.