During the past week in the intermediate class, students learned and practiced using reflexive and reciprocal pronouns. In terms of vocabulary, the week’s focus was on words and phrases used in relation to sports, With the use of place-mat activities, student’s worked in groups to discuss various types of extreme sports and the risk factors involved. Students also worked on peer editing writing exercises to improve their writing skills. Working in groups to share and present topics, working towards improving their understanding of written and spoken English.

In the high advanced classroom, students read articles and discussed sentence integration and specific parts of speech to correct grammatical mistakes in sentence formation. For the oral portion of the week, students learned to apply vocabulary relating to natural disasters (they created a PSA), adventure travelling and the supernatural (came up with a related reality TV show). The class also included many debated on a variety of topics, such as the question of, “whether or not athletes are overpaid?”