Quest students cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays while wearing their new T-shirts. 
Get ready to scream because it’s time for baseball!

Every year, Quest students get the chance to watch Canada’s professional baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. 

This nighttime activity is filled with laughter, clapping, shouting, and the occasional “Wave” (which is when the entire stadium waves together to cheer on the Blue Jays). 
Quest students always have a blast watching the Blue Jays, as the games are full of action and there are tons of shopping and eating available. 
Also, many students simply enjoy being inside the baseball stadium, which is called the Rogers Centre. The stadium is the largest sports arena in Toronto and has the capacity to fit almost 50,000 people for baseball games – so big!
Let’s go Blue Jays!

Fun fact: The name “Blue Jays” comes from a bird found in Canada called “the blue jay.” This beautiful blue bird can be found by Quest students at parks in Toronto on early mornings.