Quest students competing in a game of “limbo” on Toronto Island

Get ready to compete!

Today was our annual Quest Olympics and all of students did amazingly well at our competitions. 
The Quest Olympics occurs every July on the beautiful Toronto Island and offers the chance for students to work with their classes to compete in seven different sports.  
These sports test both physical and mental stamina and include old-fashioned games such as: limbo, and wheel-barrow races; as well more physical ones like: dodgeball and tug-of-war.

All of the students of Quest pose for a photo after completing the Quest Olympics on Toronto Island.

This year saw more than 300 students compete with each other, with some classes going undefeated in the event.

The activity is important way for the students to practice their English as each class has to speak English to work together. Not everyone in each team has the same first language, so communication is key to winning!

We want to thank all students for working hard and being patient as we sorted the games out.

We look forward to having an even better Quest Olympics next summer!

Quest students play dodgeball on Toronto Island