Quest students sneak into the garden to snap a quick picture at Toronto’s High Park

While it may be one of the largest recreational spaces in Toronto, High Park still seems like a hidden gem to most Torontonians.

So, every summer, it feels as if we are sharing a little secret with our students by showing them the beautiful park.

Situated in the West End of the city, High Park feels similar to New York City’s Central Park in that it allows residents a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Home to countless animals, flowers, and trees (including the beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees), High Park is a place to take-in some nature, go for a peaceful hike, and connect with your friends. It’s a place free of technology and full of vibrancy.

Fun Fact: A pair of capybaras once escaped the zoo at High Park in 2016 and were hilariously spotted wandering around downtown Toronto. It took more than a month to find and safely return the mammals!