Quest students smile before digging into their meals

New Quest students to Canada always ask us teachers, “What is Canadian food?”
It’s a hard question to answer. 
Living in Toronto, we don’t really have any “Canadian food.” Instead, we have food from all over the world. 
You want Japanese Sushi? Okay, we have plenty. 
You want Indian Samosas? Yup, we have plenty of that too. 
How about some Jamaican Jerk Chicken? Oh yeah, we have that too. You could even say we have the best outside the Caribbean.

Eating out in Toronto is like travelling the world and every summer Quest students get to explore a world of tastes. 

Aside from plenty of amazing restaurants, some students even check out food festivals as well. In the summer, it seems as if every weekend in Toronto is a celebration of a different culture or dish.
Mhmmmm…. Bon Appétit!