It was a nice sunny Monday when we went canoeing on Lake Ontario. The students took the boats all the way across to Toronto’s Center Island and had half an hour to explore the island a bit. Some students hung out at the beach or went swimming while others made friends with three miniature horses! We got back into the canoes and started to paddle away when we saw a very ominous-looking storm roll in over the city. Our guides had us dock on another part of the island and we tried to wait out the very heavy storm. After about an hour of waiting, the torrential rain was not letting up and we had become less optimistic about being able to canoe back to the city, so we decided to make a run for the Ferry which took us back to the city center. We were completely soaking wet, and when we got back to the city we had to navigate through thigh-high water in the streets (really!) and deal with massive power outages, severe flooding both outside and inside, subway closures, and general chaos. Thanks to our quick-thinking Quest activity leaders, everyone got home safely. What an adventure!