Quest students are all smiles after being soaked by water of Niagara Falls!

Resting about 2 hours west of Toronto is Niagara Falls, one of the most recognized waterfalls in the world.

Students hit the road on their weekend to spend an entire day touring the falls and exploring the nearby shopping areas. 
The Falls, which is actually is the collection of three waterfalls, is amongst the highest in the world and produces the highest rate of flowing water for any North American waterfall. 
The strength of the falls can be felt from the shops nearby, with the mist of the water cooling the entire city. 
However, if you really want to experience the falls, then you must venture below them in a boat.
And that is exactly what the Quest students did. 
Armed with rain ponchos, our students got to experience the majestic waterfalls up close and personal from the viewing deck of the boat. The backdrop of the falls offered an amazing background for photos… until we got close enough to be soaked! 
After returning from the boat, students spent the afternoon wandering the nearby “Clifton Hill,” one of Canada’s most famous entertainment districts. 
By the time we left in the evening, the bus was full of snoring students, all tired out from another adventurous day! 

Quest students take a selfie on their boat ride through Niagara Falls