Students pose in front of Canada’s Wonderland’s famous ‘mountain’

Always a favourite for Quest students, Canada’s Wonderland was especially a hit this summer!

Screaming high above the sky, the students had a blast trying out new roller coasters, playing arcade games, and eating some typical carnival food at the nation’s largest theme park. 
Most students agreed that the roller coaster, “The Leviathan,” was the best part of the day, even if they had to wait a bit for it.

We were surprised by the amount of prizes the students won this year. One student came back with a teddy bear that was bigger than himself! 

At the end of the program, most students usually rank Canada’s Wonderland as the highlight of their trip to Canada – I think it may be the same this year. 
Fun Fact: In 2017, Canada’s Wonderland was the most visited seasonal amusement park in North America with an estimated 3.76 million visitors.