Quest students paddling through Lake Ontario on the coast of Toronto

Is there anything more Canadian than canoeing in a freshwater lake?

Not according to our Quest students!
Today saw our students dip into Lake Ontario, one of the largest lakes in the world, to try canoeing. For most of the students, this was their first time in a canoe and they all did amazingly well. 
The students had to work together by speaking English in order to ensure they paddled in unison. It was a great team building activity! 
For those who don’t know, a canoe is a type of vessel, similar to a kayak. It was used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of Canada and was instrumental to the development of Canada by European settlers.
Thus, it’s intertwined with Canadian identity and represents a great way for students to interact with Canadian culture…. plus, it’s super fun! 
Quest students pose for a photo before hoping into their canoe
The students were able to paddle around Lake Ontario and head over to Toronto Island, which offers spectacular views of the Toronto skyline. 
After the day finished, many of the students exclaimed that this was their most enjoyable part of the exchange yet! 
Fun Fact: Lake Ontario is one of the 5 Great Lakes, which collectively hold 21% of the world’s surface freshwater!