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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

An awesome adventure where students could see over 20,000 exotic sea and freshwater specimens.
More than this, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is an amazing place where students can learn about marine life. 
*Fun fact: At Ripley’s Aquarium, we can travel in the Planet Jellies gallery, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world.
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Walking tour around the Graffiti Alley

Located in the Fashion District, south of Queen Street West, walking around the Graffiti Alley is a fantastic activity to take nice shots and learn English.
*Fun fact: Rick Mercer, a Canadian comedian, often films his famous weekly TV program while walking through Graffiti Alley using the Murals as his backdrop.






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Summer camps – Day One

Yesterday was a very happy day of Summer Camps at Quest!
Day one at Ryerson Campus.
Welcome aboard d!

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Tears and Hugs: Time for Airport Farewell!

Quest students say goodbye at Toronto’s Pearson Airport before flying home to Brazil

This weekend was the final goodbye for many of our students, so you could say there were a few tears shed…

Goodbyes are hard for us at Quest since our students always leave lasting impressions on us. Plus, it’s never nice to see your students sad!

To ensure we get the chance to say a proper goodbye, our team members will escort students to the airport and hang with them until they are ready to go.

Airports are magical places and we are happy to share the final moments in Canada together.
Here’s to another amazing summer at Quest and to many more in our future!!
Quest students wave goodbye on their final day together as a group in Toronto.
Every year, students like to use Canadian flags as mementos of their time here in Toronto.
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Time for Graduation!

Graduating students of Quest scream goodbye to camera at our summer campus. 
Hat’s off! It’s time for graduation! 
This week saw the bulk of the Quest summer students graduate and we couldn’t be happier. 
After three to four weeks of challenging classroom work, each student gets the honour of receiving an official Quest graduation certificate. The certificate comes with their photo on it, so it’s perfect for hanging on the wall! 
Every student worked amazingly hard this summer and we are proud of the dedication of each and every one of them. 
However, while we are proud, we are also sad.

Graduation is always a bittersweet moment for us teachers since it also means saying goodbye to our students.

We will us miss you very much and wish you return to Canada soon. 

See below for more graduation photos!

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Laser Tag!

Quest smile while bowling at RINX in Toronto

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ game of laser tag?

And maybe some bowling?
And oh, also, why not some rollerskating, fuzzball, basketball, bumper cars, and billiards? 
Sounds like an awesome day, eh? Well, it was for the Quest students!
They got to spend the day at RINX in Toronto, an entertainment complex that houses all of the above-mentioned activities. 
Students got to compete on the bowling lanes, hold hands (to ensure they don’t fall!) on the roller-rink, and drain some 3-pointers in games room. 
This event was held near the end of the program, so it gave most of the students to catch up with old friends and let loose by having some fun.  
Quest students are well focused on the fuzzball at hand

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New York, New York!

Quest students stylishly pose for a photo in New York City, USA. 

While Toronto may be the biggest city in Canada, it will seem a bit smaller once you visit New York City, North America’s second largest city with more than 8 million people (compared to Toronto’s 3 million).

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world, so visiting it is an amazing experience for Quest students.

This year, students spent one weekend touring the “Big Apple,” exploring one of the largest English speaking cities in the world.

Quest students smiling in Times Square, New York City, USA 

Students got to explore the Brooklyn Bridge, shop in Downtown Manhattan, gaze from the Top of the Rock, and of course, be amazed by the lights in Times Square.

While the experience was unforgettable, many students admitted that they preferred Toronto over New York City.

Woohoo! Go Toronto 🙂

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Tasting Canadian Cuisine

Quest students smile before digging into their meals

New Quest students to Canada always ask us teachers, “What is Canadian food?”
It’s a hard question to answer. 
Living in Toronto, we don’t really have any “Canadian food.” Instead, we have food from all over the world. 
You want Japanese Sushi? Okay, we have plenty. 
You want Indian Samosas? Yup, we have plenty of that too. 
How about some Jamaican Jerk Chicken? Oh yeah, we have that too. You could even say we have the best outside the Caribbean.

Eating out in Toronto is like travelling the world and every summer Quest students get to explore a world of tastes. 

Aside from plenty of amazing restaurants, some students even check out food festivals as well. In the summer, it seems as if every weekend in Toronto is a celebration of a different culture or dish.
Mhmmmm…. Bon Appétit! 
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Boat Cruise

Quest students from Russia (far left) and Mexico (two on the right) pose for a photo on Lake Ontario

There’s no better way to experience the skyline of Toronto than by boat at night.

Add some music and some friends to that boat and you have yourself an awesome evening!
This summer, the Quest students got to experience this at a boat cruise off of the Toronto harbour. 
Coasting on Lake Ontario, the boat offered students the chance to make new friends, dance to Canadian (as well as international) music, and to simply take-in the majestic view of the city. 
Students enjoyed the chance to dress-up nicely and pose for photos near the water and the skyline. 
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