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Afternoon in High Park

Quest students sneak into the garden to snap a quick picture at Toronto’s High Park

While it may be one of the largest recreational spaces in Toronto, High Park still seems like a hidden gem to most Torontonians.

So, every summer, it feels as if we are sharing a little secret with our students by showing them the beautiful park.

Situated in the West End of the city, High Park feels similar to New York City’s Central Park in that it allows residents a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Home to countless animals, flowers, and trees (including the beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees), High Park is a place to take-in some nature, go for a peaceful hike, and connect with your friends. It’s a place free of technology and full of vibrancy.

Fun Fact: A pair of capybaras once escaped the zoo at High Park in 2016 and were hilariously spotted wandering around downtown Toronto. It took more than a month to find and safely return the mammals!  

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Class Trips: University of Toronto

If you didn’t know, Toronto is home to one of the best universities in the world: the University of Toronto.

Built in 1827, this public university – commonly known as “U of T” – has a beautiful campus in downtown Toronto that we love to show off to students.

During our tours of the school, we love to chat to students about what life is like for a university student to hopefully inspire them all to continue onto higher education.

This summer, our class trip proved to be motivating since we had many, many students ask us, “How do I apply to be a student in Toronto? I must study here!!!”

We hope they one day get the chance to study where they desire and that they never stop learning!

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Canada’s Wonderland x2…WaterPark Time!

Quest students pose with their teacher, right, at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto.

Here at Quest, we love Canada’s Wonderland so much that we sometimes go twice! 

Situated in the north end of the city, Canada’s Wonderland is not only the biggest theme park in Canada, but also one of the biggest water parks. 
Thus, on our second trip, we give students the chance to explore this awesome water park!

The water park has so many amazing slides, pools, and rides for students to embark on. By the end of the day, all the students have lost their voices from screaming so much on the slides. Woohoo!
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Double-Decker Bus Tour

Toronto is an amazing city to tour by foot, but sometimes it can be quite tiring…
This is why we take double-decker bus tours! 
This amazing sightseeing buses stroll all of the city’s main streets, allowing students to explore different Toronto neighbourhoods without lifting a leg.

The bus rides high above all other cars, offering students an unparalleled vista of the city’s streets.

The best part about Toronto is the diversity of its neighbourhoods, so we love to have students embrace each culture! 

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Time Travelling at Medieval Times

Imagine the time of powerful kingdoms, jousting knights, majestic horses, and battles to the death?

Well, technically that era was hundreds of years ago, but this summer Quest students got to go back in time and experience this medieval culture! 
At Toronto’s Medieval Times, student watch six honourable knights battle it out in a theatrical performance full of fast horse riding, explosive jousting, and action-packed sword battles. 
Based in a castle, the performance is paired with a delicious four-course meal that the students eat with their bare hands… Yup. No cutlery allowed!
After the show, the students meet the knights and shop back in time at the Medieval Times gift shop, which is always a hit.
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Shopping at Toronto Premium Outlets

Students shopped til’ they dropped today at Toronto’s Premium Outlets, an amazing outdoor mall in Toronto.

Situated in the suburbs of Toronto, this brand new mall features brand names, such as Nike, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Polo, for ridiculously cheap prices!

For those who don’t want to shop, the mall also has tons of restaurants and offers students a chance to make some new friends on their own independent time.

We love seeing students exploring on their own and connecting with other students.

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Quest Dance

Quest students pose for the camera at our annual dance

Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time for the annual Quest summer dance!

This year, we had more than 300 students attend our dance held in downtown Toronto and it was a blast. 
Students got dressed up, hit the dance floor, and jumped around to songs from in English, as well some Portuguese, Spanish, and French music (which everyone seemed to love). 
It was awesome to see all the students from different countries laughing and having fun together. 
My highlight of the night was when one student from Russia came up to the teachers and yelled, “Wow! This is the best night, ever!” 

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Quest Olympics

Quest students competing in a game of “limbo” on Toronto Island

Get ready to compete!

Today was our annual Quest Olympics and all of students did amazingly well at our competitions. 
The Quest Olympics occurs every July on the beautiful Toronto Island and offers the chance for students to work with their classes to compete in seven different sports.  
These sports test both physical and mental stamina and include old-fashioned games such as: limbo, and wheel-barrow races; as well more physical ones like: dodgeball and tug-of-war.

All of the students of Quest pose for a photo after completing the Quest Olympics on Toronto Island.

This year saw more than 300 students compete with each other, with some classes going undefeated in the event.

The activity is important way for the students to practice their English as each class has to speak English to work together. Not everyone in each team has the same first language, so communication is key to winning!

We want to thank all students for working hard and being patient as we sorted the games out.

We look forward to having an even better Quest Olympics next summer!

Quest students play dodgeball on Toronto Island
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Exploring the Distillery District

Students pose with the Peace Sign at Toronto’s Distillery District  

If you didn’t know it, teenagers love Instagram, and there’s no better place for trendy photos than the Distillery District in Toronto.

Home to cobblestone streets, national historic buildings, hip cafes, and plenty of art galleries, the Distillery District is the heart of both Toronto’s past, future, and present. 
The car-free neighbourhood allows students the chance to learn about Toronto’s industrial past while appreciating the city’s newer identity as an artistic hub.

Fun Fact: The Distillery District has the largest collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture in North America.

Quest students laugh while posing for a photo
in Toronto’s historic Distillery District

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Toronto Subway Adventures

Quest students pose with street performers at Yonge-Dundas Subway Station in Toronto 

Every summer Quest students get to explore Toronto’s amazing transportation system.

From subways to streetcars, buses to ferries, commuting in Toronto is full of adventures, nice views, and funny surprises (as pictured above with Spiderman and Ironman). 
Many Quest students purchase a monthly transit card that allows them unlimited access to explore Toronto. 
It’s great to see how quickly students adapt to using public transportation, since some do not use public transportation in their home cities and towns. 
By the end of the month, most of these students know the subway and streetcar lines better than us teachers!

Fun Facts: In Toronto, we call a metro a subway, while we call a tram a streetcar

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