Kelly’s class

During the summer, a lot of students come to Quest with a solid knowledge of English. But not all students have as much experience using English. One of the liveliest classes at our summer campus is Kelly’s beginner (Level 2-3) class. Kelly’s class is always doing cool things, giving presentations and practicing their speaking skills, as well as brushing up on the fundamentals of English.
We caught up with Kelly’s class doing an error correction activity. Students apply the grammar concepts they have been studying in class and work together to correct mistakes on the board. Being able to identify and correct mistakes is a pathway to getting students to look for mistakes in their own grammar usage and improve their accuracy.
Kelly’s class also learned about marketing, and were challenged to create and present their own commercial for the class. For many of them, it was their first time giving a presentation in English. Students were challenged to leave their comfort zone, and they had a great time doing it.

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Corey’s class

Do you like to have a great time while improving your speaking skills? Then Corey’s level 5 (Intermediate) class is for you! When we stopped by Corey’s class today, it was clear that everyone was having a great time and participating. The atmosphere was lively and students were chattering away in English.

Students actively participate in Corey’s class

As a reward for their great work all week, Corey’s class spent the second part of their speaking class outside to enjoy the beautiful summer day. While outside, we captured Corey’s class playing a game called Loaded Questions. Students were given interesting questions to get them thinking, and then they shared their opinions as a class. Check it out below!

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Luc’s class

Today we spent the whole morning with Luc’s class and had a great time doing it. Luc’s class is level 9 (Advanced), and the students impressed me with their energy, enthusiasm, participation and level of English.
During the grammar period, Luc’s class worked on a writing idea. After looking at a wacky photo for inspiration, students brainstormed what they thought might be happening before, after and when the picture was taken. Students shared their ideas together, and then sat down to write a story. Students then shared their stories with their group and voted on the funniest/most creative story to share with the class. Students also worked together to edit the stories and correct any spelling and grammar errors.
In the conversation period, the students played a speaking game in small groups called Say 2 Things, Ask a Question. In this game, students move around a board and must talk about the topic that they land on, before making a question for their group members to discuss. This game can be very interesting if students ask the right questions, and the students had a great time in a relaxed speaking situations. Before long, students were whipping out their smart phones to show each other pictures and share information about their lives in their home countries.
Students work on their creative writing assignments
Having a great time and speaking English in Luc’s class

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Sharmila’s class

Welcome to Sharmila’s class, where grammar comes alive! We captured this class in the middle of a role-playing activity using non-count nouns. The criteria was for them to make a skit about a dream, they had to use at least 2 non-count nouns in their skit. It had to be 2 minutes long and they all had to have equal parts in the skit. The students had fun and actually used more than 2 non-count nouns (their dreams were hilarious and interesting!!!). After each group preformed, the students watching were to provide feedback on what they thought of their skit and they also had to say which non-count nouns were used. The were all motivated, had fun, and thought it was a great way to learn the grammar in English!

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Zach’s class

Today we stopped by Zach’s class to say hello, and we found a lot of fun happening! Zach’s class was playing a game called Spaghetti Letters that challenged students’ listening, vocabulary, spelling, problem solving and team work abilities. In groups, students listened to clues from the teacher and had to come up with the correct English word he was describing. Once they figured out the correct word, teams raced together to spell out the word using uncooked spaghetti noodles. The first three teams that spelled the words correctly won each round. This proved to be a very competitive activity, and all students were actively involved in trying to spell out the correct word. Activities like Spaghetti Letters are a fun way to keep class interesting.

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Matt’s Class – Level 8 (Advanced)

Today we stopped in on Matt’s class to see what is going on. Matt’s class is Level 8 (Advanced), and includes students from South America, the Middle East and Europe. A highly interactive class, these students love to speak English and have all bonded. In today’s class, the students participated in some drama-based activities that let them practice their speaking skills in a fun and interactive way.

Sitting in a desk all day is boring! Matt’s class walks around as part of an activity. They also mingle around discussing topics as part of a structured activities that mimic real life conversation situations.

Matt’s class in action!
In the video below, students are working on practicing their communication skills by putting their partner into physical postures. Tying in to this week’s theme of dreams, the partners are trying to demonstrate “You just got your dream job.”
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